"Hey Edgar. Negotiate a car rental rate for me."

Edgar is an on-demand human operator that serves busy individuals and professionals as their mobile virtual assistant. He frees up their time and helps them complete more one-off tasks, faster than ever. Edgar can do what none of the others can--from talking to other humans, to researching and collating data, or having their favorite dinner sent to their house.

Get Edgar

Edgar in action

Your wish is Edgar's command. Simply submit a request by voice or text and an Edgar Operator will get it done asap.

Edgar can do what none of the others can

Edgar is a human operator that serves super busy individuals, executives, small businesses and enterprises as their digital virtual personal assistant.

Speak to other humans

Edgar, please call this company. Use their automated system to reach customer service. Then transfer the call to me.

Research during a meeting

Edgar, I’m in a meeting. My boss is giving a presentation on drone technology. Can you let me know as much as you possible about drone laws in the next 15 minutes? Send bullet points.

Research and collect data

Hey Edgar. My phone's about to die. Please research hiking trails in the area then send me a summary via email.

Negotiate a car rental rate

Hey Edgar. Call the top five car rental companies at Denver International. Negotiate the best rate for me. Then book the reservation.

Reserve rotesserie chicken

Hey Edgar, can you call the Stop and Shop in East Meadow and tell them to hold a warm rotesserie chicken for me? Call at exactly 5:30PM.

Order my lunch

Edgar, please order boneless spare ribs, easy on the sauce, with mixed vegetables from China Now in Bayshore, NY. Ask them to throw in a few spicy mustard packages. Deliver it to my work address.